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Invisalign® in San Diego, CA

Straighter Teeth Are Possible with Invisalign®

Perfecting your smile reinforces who you are matches how others perceive you

Next time eyes are on you, make sure they recognize the real you with a charismatic smile sculpted by an Invisalign® clear alignment system in San Diego, C.

  • Virtually Undetectable
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient

Straighter, more beautiful teeth are easier than ever before with this modern alternative to braces.

Traditional Braces

  • Irremovable
  • Visible Hardware
  • Difficulty Eating
  • Difficult, Lengthy Cleaning Process


  • Removable
  • Virtually Invisible Trays
  • Easy to Eat Normally
  • Easy to Clean

Stop Living with Crooked Teeth

See Gina 's Story

  • Crowns
  • Implant Supported Crown
  • Invisalign

Why Art of Dentistry?

Located in San Diego, CA, the Art of Dentistry dentists are consistently recognized as top in their field by their peers. In 2006, Dr. Landau received the title of Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is one of only 400 dental professionals to receive this prestigious title. Call our office conveniently located near Pacific Beach, CA and Mission Valley, CA today!

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