Beauty Defined

Your Smile is a Work of Functional Art

While each smile is biologically designed to attain the same functionality goals, we believe that the beauty of each one is inventively different. By combining our understanding of the biology of your mouth with our passion for aestheticism and the best-of-the-best in science and technology, we have mastered the art of dentistry to design your ideal smile.

Video: The Art of Beauty is Creating that Beautiful Smile that Goes With Nature, Not Against it


  • Smile design tailored to meet the needs of your natural smile and achieve the highest level of beauty.
  • Metamerism, or the perceived matching of colors and how things look in different lighting.
  • Coloration of your skin and teeth.
  • Shape of your face, including length and width.
  • Your height.
  • Amount of tooth and gum visible in your smile.
  • Symmetry between your face and smile.


  • Understanding why some teeth look real, and others look fake.
  • How materials reflect colors, and their opacity and translucency.
  • How to achieve the best bond, and the best way to adhere to teeth.
  • Property types of cements and bonding agents.
  • Strongest materials, such as porcelain and bonding agents, and no silver.
  • Collaboration with leading specialists.


  • Understanding what can and cannot be done based on the limitations of biology.
  • Understanding your bite, or occlusion, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
  • Understanding mechanics, such as multiple implant systems.
  • Understanding how your bone and mouth will respond to dental implants.
  • Understanding the underlying bone structure and how it is affected.
  • When shaping and grooming the gum tissue will be most effective.
  • Functional occlusion.
  • Bite forces.
  • Lip movement or mobility.

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