Smile Makeover in San Diego, CA

Our Exclusive 7 Step Process to Achieve Your Ideal Smile

Our unique design process takes into account the aesthetics vs. the function of your smile to ensure long-term results you can wear with confidence.

Video: The Art of Beauty is Creating that Beautiful Smile that Goes With Nature, Not Against it

Step 1New Patient Exam

Before we can discuss the expectations of your smile makeover, we first need to understand your needs, desires and history. We want to determine if the concern is part of a more complex issue a dentist was unable to correct, or if you want to look into restorative dentistry.

Step 2Diagnostic Phase

Step 3Treatment Plan Presentation

We will present an organized and well thought out treatment plan designed on the factors we established during Step 2.

Step 4Treatment Plan Phase-In

Your treatment plan is based around your expectations, and we will phase it based on your needs and biology to ensure complete success.

Step 5Execution

Step 6Completion

Once the expectations of the aesthetics and function have been satisfied, we will deliver your new smile.

Step 7Follow-Up

After completing your new smile, we will see you in a few weeks to make sure everything is working as expected. We will also take this time to adjust your occlusion, if necessary.

Make sure the next thing you hear is “You have a beautiful smile!”, not “Who did your crowns?”

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