Why a Smile Makeover in San Diego, CA

Your Smile Deserves Excellence

Why would you need a smile makeover?

At Art of Dentistry, we understand the need for a beautiful smile, and have devoted our lives to ensuring our patients have a functional, aesthetically pleasing look.

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When is a smile intervention necessary?

We commonly see and treat patients whose problems reach beyond cosmetic. Drs. Lawrence Addleson and David Landau are skilled in diagnosing issues concerning the temporomandibular joint, occlusion, bone structure and lips, all of which are imperative to the function and health of the smile.

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Sometimes, No Dentistry is the Best Dentistry

At Art of Dentistry, we believe in preserving your smile and performing conservative treatments when possible. Before any treatment begins and to determine whether alterations are needed, we use a process called modeling.

This allows us to take a closer look into your muscular curvature to get a complete understanding of your anatomy for the most accurate treatment recommendations.

Your perfect smile starts with a cosmetic consultation

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