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The Art of Dentistry Difference

There are dentists who can clean your teeth and then there are dentists who can change your life. Bring your smile to Dr. Larry Addleson and The Art of Dentistry, for the absolute best in dental care. In addition to caring for all of your dental health needs, our doctors, Dr. Addleson, Dr. Doug Campbell and Dr. David Landau will transform how you feel about yourself. Seeing beyond a new smile, Dr. Addleson is a San Diego cosmetic dentist who envisions your face brightened, your confidence limitless and an array of new opportunities all made possible by a healthy and happy smile.

If you are considering a new look for yourself, Dr. Addleson is a prominent cosmetic dentist in San Diego and some patients travel far distances to see him. Dr. Addleson and his partners, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Landau can deliver the highest-quality, best-looking results in the most comfortable fashion. Check out The Art of Dentistry's San Diego smile gallery to see what the dental care provided by Dr. Addleson and his partners can do for your smile and your self-esteem -- the beaming look on every client's 'after' photo speaks for itself! 

We Create Stand Out Smiles

There are several cosmetic dentists in San Diego, but when Dr. Addleson founded his practice, The Art of Dentistry, he created a very special and unique practice. Dr. Addleson, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Landau are some of the very best in their field. For restorations such as porcelain veneers, crowns, dental implants or bridges, they partner very closely with master ceramists in dental labs, and even have an on-site lab for refinements.

Dr. Addleson stands out for his implant dentistry in San Diego, because of his passion and his talent for dentistry and partly due to his long-standing history with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). He has earned the distinguished status of being an Accredited Fellow of the AACD. Throughout the world, fewer than 50 dentists have achieved this highly respected credential. He also participates in several other cosmetic dentistry associations and dental study groups. Dr. Addleson is committed to sharing knowledge and pushing excellence in cosmetic dentistry forward. He is a highly coveted speaker and teacher on cosmetic dentistry, both nationally and internationally.

For the smile of a lifetime, come to the dentist that even other dentists turn to. Dr. Addleson does work that other dentists dream of – what can he do for your smile? Find out today