3 Reasons To Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

The Dental Team At Art Of Dentistry - San Diego, CAJune 1st was National Leave the Office Early Day. If you celebrated, how did you spend your extra time off? When you have a few free hours, it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment at The Art of Dentistry with dentists Drs. Addleson, Campbell, and Landau. Whether you have the time off or not, you should schedule a dental appointment once every six months to ensure your oral health is maintained and cared for properly.

  1. Detect Problems Early On

    Many health problems remain asymptomatic in the early stages. This includes oral cancer, but professional dentists are trained to look for the signs and recognize any oral abnormalities. Dental professionals can also examine mouths for signs of gum disease and cavities. When a dental problem is detected early on, the patient requires more minimally-invasive procedures that will be more affordable and may require less sedation.

  2. Find Problems Hidden Beneath the Gums

    You can find certain oral health symptoms, such as bleeding gums and receding gum lines, on your own, but you may not realize when a problem develops behind the gums. During your dental appointment, our dentists will take X-rays to obtain the clearest picture possible of your dental health.

  3. Receive Advice on Dental Habits

    Even if you brush and floss every day, you may not be doing it right. Our team of professional dentists can review your smile and provide advice on areas you can improve. Perhaps you need a soft-bristled toothbrush or need to be less aggressive as you brush. Additionally, you can receive information about how smoking can impact your teeth and gums. Other habits to avoid include grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw and biting on fingernails.

  4. Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment at Our Office

    Call our dental office in San Diego, CA if it has been a while since your last dental cleaning. Even if you have to take time off work, it is important to see a dentist at least twice a year. Your boss will surely understand, and you deserve to have confidence and peace of mind regarding your smile. So schedule an appointment with Dr. Addleson, Dr. Campbell, or Dr. Landau by calling (619) 268-6560 or visit us online. Get back in the habit of scheduling regular dental appointments. Call today!