Three Benefits of Dental Implants Over Dentures

Those who have cracked or missing teeth have several options when it comes to replacing them and gaining back the confidence that comes with an attractive smile. There are pros and cons to each treatment, and because each patient is unique an individual decision should be made with your dental professional. At Art of Dentistry, our cosmetic dentists offer dental implants in San Diego, CA, and we will explain some of the benefits of this type of treatment over dentures.

  1. Preserve the Jawbone

    When teeth fall out, your jaw lacks the support natural teeth provide in maintaining the structure of the jaw bone, therefore the bone mass quickly decreases. While dentures provide an aesthetic solution, dental implants are placed directly in the jaw bone which in turn stimulates the growth and function that natural teeth would, allowing your jaw and face to retain their natural shape.

  2. Natural Feel
    Dentures are attached with an adhesive and thus they can slip and slide along your gum line as you are eating or talking. This can feel unnatural and fake, where dental implants function exactly as your normal teeth would. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing situations when you choose implants.
  3. Better Long-Term Investment
    Many patients choose dentures because the up-front cost is less, but the reality is that implants are an investment that can last through your entire life. Dentures are a valuable option, but may be less cost effective than dental implants in the long run. When cared for correctly, implants can last several decades with no replacements or repairs.

Which Is Right for You?

If you are visiting or live in San Diego, CA and would like to repair your smile and feel confident about the way you look again, schedule an appointment at Art Of Dentistry.  Our expert cosmetic dentists, Dr. Addleson, Dr. Campbell or Dr. Landau can help you choose the right treatment for your specific needs and ensure that you are happy with the results.