Why Use a Cosmetic Dentist?

Unlike a regular dentist or orthodontist, cosmetic dentists specialize in the intersection of artistry and science. Cosmetic dentists have the degreed training of any other dental professional, but while they have a foundation in science, they are also deeply understanding of the cultural and social importance tied to dental appearance. Dental disorders have a significant impact on overall self esteem and confidence, and some studies have shown that over half of Americans are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. 

Cosmetic dentistry is a customized experience, which blends an understanding of the unique biology of each individual’s mouth with expertise in aesthetics. Think of cosmetic dentists as the “Michelangelos of the mouth” — ultimately, the art of dentistry is aimed at designing your ideal smile using the best-of-the-best in both science and technology.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentists typically focus their work on three primary areas of concern:   
  •  Poor functionality. Restoring worn or cracked teeth can cause significant discomfort when eating, drinking or talking.  Typically individual teeth require a  dental crown or a cap to cover a damaged tooth, while dental bridges are used for restoring multiple teeth. Implants help offer a natural, durable solution for missing teeth instead of using dentures which can be messy and uncomfortable. 
  • Discoloration. For teeth which are permanently stained or yellowing, cosmetic dentistry can provide professional whitening services which are often much more effective, less-irritating and longer lasting than at-home options. Typically, these services include making a reusable mold of your mouth which can then be taken home along with a supply of medical-grade teeth whitener which can be reapplied at a later date. 
  • Misalignment.  Cosmetic dentistry also focuses on alignment issues, which can often cause additional wear on the teeth and gums and can also cause pain.  In some cases, misaligned teeth can add strain to the jaw muscles or lead to chronic headaches, or  temporomandibular joint disorder, otherwise known as TMJ. In extreme circumstances, teeth may also crack. Traditional braces or Invisalign®can not only help greatly improve functionality and misalignment, but can drastically refine the appearance of teeth, leading to greater confidence and self-esteem.
Cosmetic dentistry uses some of the most  advanced technology available, providing convenient alternatives to time-consuming traditional approaches. CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, is one such advancement used by cosmetic dentists to fabricate and repair dental damage in a much shorter period of time.    CEREC eliminates the need for multiple visits, reduces messy prep work as well as waiting time, and can be used for multiple types of repair including:
  • Crowns
  • Bridges, and 
  • Veneers
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Beyond Beauty

Gum disease alone is linked to many other  illnesses including:

    • Heart disease. The inflammation and infections caused by oral bacteria have been linked to clogged arteries in other parts of the body. Additionally, infection in the inner lining of your heart chambers or valves which is spread from bacteria carried through the bloodstream from other parts of the body (such as your mouth)
    • Diabetes. Studies have shown when you treat diabetes, oral conditions in the mouth improves. Meanwhile, when you treat periodontal disease, the need for insulin is often reduced. 
    • Respiratory disease. Research suggests bacteria from the gum can travel through airways and into the lungs. Over time this can lead to life-threatening respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. 
  • Osteoporosis. Connections have been found between periodontitis, a chronic infection that affects the gums and the bones in the teeth, and overall bone loss. If not properly managed, bacteria in the mouth and the body break down bones and connective tissue.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis. Bacteria is known to cause chronic inflammatory gum infections which may trigger an  inflammatory autoimmune response in the joints, leading to the chronic, autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis. 

Poor oral health can also lead to different forms of cancer and birth complications, which is why it’s critical to treat gum disease and other dental issues as quickly as possible.


About The Art of Dentistry

Located in San Diego, Dr. David Landau, Dr. Lawrence Addleson and their extraordinary team are widely recognized for their top-quality smile designs. They have been awarded with recognition from their  peers for many consecutive years and have been credited for the “whole body” approach to cosmetic dentistry.