CEREC® Crowns: A Quick, Convenient Way to Replace Chipped or Cracked Teeth

CEREC Milling Machine - San Diego, CAIf you have cracked or chipped teeth but find that on the bottom of your priority list of things to fix, it’s hard to fit into your daily schedule. Traditional dental crowns require that you schedule several appointments with a professional; and finding time to fit that into your busy life is often difficult. Fortunately at the Art of Dentistry, San Diego, CA cosmetic dentists Dr. Addleson, Dr. Campbell, and Dr. Landau offer same day dental crowns utilizing CEREC® technology that saves you time and money.

Traditional Dental Crowns

Once a tooth is cracked or chipped to the point that it must be repaired, traditional dental crowns are a valuable option. When you opt for traditional crowns, your first visit is used to prepare the tooth for the dental crown. After the tooth is ready a temporary crown is placed until a new one can be made at an off-site laboratory. The doctor takes a mold of your tooth to have it made to fit perfectly in your mouth.

After about two weeks, you come back to the office to have your permanent crown placed. The temporary crown is removed, and the permanent structure is put into place and should remain stable if it is cared for correctly.

So, What Are the Benefits of CEREC®?

Dental Assistant Making Dental Crown With Cerec Milling Machine - San Diego, CACEREC® technology allows for the doctor to make the permanent dental crown right in the office. This means that you don’t need a second appointment and you only must find time in one day to get your broken, chipped or decayed teeth fixed.

Once the tooth is prepped, an optical impression of the tooth is taken. A camera is used to create a digital picture of the tooth that is then sent to the 3D CEREC® software. Very quickly, the machine creates a dental crown that matches the rest of your teeth and fits securely in your mouth.

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To learn more about how we are committed to saving our patients time, call our cosmetic dentists, Drs. Addleson, Campbell, and Landau at Art of Dentistry at (619) 268-6560  to schedule an appointment. In just one visit we can repair many teeth with CEREC® dental crowns in San Diego, CA and have you right back to your regular schedule. Contact us today!