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If you’re looking to straigthen your teeth, but are worried about the hassle of traditional metal braces, we have some good news: straighter teeth don’t have to mean clunky, difficult to clean or months of hiding your hardware.

If you’re looking for comestic dentistry procedures like this, San Diego Art of Dentistry can work with your dental insurance to make sure you can acheive the straight teeth of your dreams.


Photo of invisalign braces
Photo of invisalign braces

What are Invisalign Braces?

While many have heard about Invisalign® as an alternative to braces, many don’t fully understand how it functions in practice. Invisalign® is a clear, medical-grade plastic that’s nearly imperctible. But not only are they nearly invisible, they are also custom-fit for max comfort and ease. Whether it’s crooked teeth, misalignment, gaps or overcrowding, Invisalign can help correct all of the same issues traditional braces can…but without all the hassle and discomfort. 

Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign

Invisalign treatment makes it easier than ever before with a more modern approach to orthodonitc treatment. For those that had to undergo orthodotic treatment the old fashioned way know that braces can not only be extremely uncomfortable, but frustrating for patients who want to have a straighter smile but don’t want to spend months and months for all the benefits of a smile makeover.

Traditional braces impact your life every day when you need to eat, take once-in-a-lifetime family photos, and brush your teeth. In general, traditional braces are:

  • Not removeable

  • Visible

  • Make it difficult to eat

  • Hard to clean

Next time eyes are on you, make sure they recognize the authentic you with a winning, smile sculpted by an Invisalign® clear alignment trays. Invisalign is:

  • Removeable

  • Easy to eat normally with

  • Easy to clean

  • Virtually undetectable

  • Comfortable

  • Convenient

How Does Invisalign Work?

Let’s take a moment to dig into the process. In general, metal  braces make it pretty hard to see progress and use fixed wires and metal brackets which align teeth and hold them into place over time. In contrast, Invisalign does this by using a series of removeable aligners made from custom molds which gradually create a shift in the mouth’s landscape. An invisalign denstist helps shape your upper and lower teeth using a series of clear plastic aligners But, before that can happen, there’s a few important steps we need to take to best set our patients up for success.

Phase 1: The Smile assessment. Before our patients undergo orthodontic treatment, the first phase requires an initial assessment that involves a thorough analysis of your current alignment, teeth shape and positioning. Invisalign® is a convenient option for a wide variety of dental concerns. Most commonly, the invisalign used to correct:

  • Underbite
  • Deep bites or overbites
  • Spacing/crowding issues
  • Crossbites
  • Basic teeth straightening
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Patient pre operation photo

From there, the Art of Dentistry team will custom fit your first set of aligners by using computer-generated images and impressions taken from your mouth.

Phase 2: Fitting. Once we’ve finished your aligners, we’ll examine the fit to make sure it’s sitting comfortably and address any gaps or functionality issues if needed.

Phase 3: Routine Check-ups. Invisialign slowly moves your teeth into the desired positions using between 20 to 30 different sets of aligners. This requires face-to-face check-ups every 6-8 weeks to check your progress and to fit you with the next batch of aligners. Usually patients will wear aligners anywhere from a year to a year and a half.

Phase 4: Maintenance. Then, once you’ve transformed your smile, it’s relatively easy to keep your fresh alignment by using an Invisalign retainer.

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Tips for Starting Treatment

1. Wear Your Aligners Consistently. While Invisalign is more convenient than traditional orthodontics options, you’re still spending time and effort to achieve a beautiful smile… make sure you take care of your investment. Make sure you wear them, and that you wear them consistently. You should wear your aligner trays as close to 24 hours per day, and you could only take them out to eat, drink and clean them up.

It may be tempting to wear them less as you start to see results…. you may experience a regression or a plateau in your overall progression. You may even have wear your aligners longer. Make sure to make a good habit of wearing your aligners as consistently as possible.

2. Routinely Change Aligner Trays. Part of the treatment plan includes wearing new aligner trays b Every two weeks or so, you’ll start wearing new aligner trays. The new trays help your teeth straighten a bit more than the previous ones. By the time you’re wearing your last trays, you’ll have a completely new smile than when you started. To achieve this, you’ll need to change your trays on time.

Your orthodontist has you on a schedule to maintain steady progress. There’s a projected end-date, although it’s not a guarantee. Many people need an extra tray or two to put the finishing touches on their progress. Still, you should change your trays on time to keep up the pace and aim for your projected end-date.

3. Keep Your Previous Tray on Hand

Some people toss their old aligners into the trash when they move on to the next ones. After two weeks of wearing the same aligners, everyone is ready for a fresh pair. Now imagine a situation when someone loses their current aligners before receiving their next trays. How will they keep up their progress and reduce their chances of backsliding?

If this person had kept their previous trays on hand, they’d be in much better shape. Avoid this situation by saving last week’s aligners in case you lose or damage your current ones. You’ll protect your progress by wearing the old trays as you wait for your orthodontist to replace your current pair. Jumping to the next trays too early could be painful for your teeth, so wear your old aligners if you lose your current ones.

4. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Wearing aligners increases your chances of letting harmful bacteria build up in your mouth. This sounds scary, but there’s an easy way to combat this — keep practicing your regular dental hygiene habits. Your existing habits will go a long way in keeping your mouth healthy and clean. You can even take it a step further with renewed dedication. Brushing and flossing your teeth after every meal or snack is crucial in having a clean mouth. This leads to cleaner aligners and less harmful bacteria.

5. Use EverSmile WhiteFoam to Clean Your Aligners

Looking to take your dental hygiene to the next level during your Invisalign treatment? WhiteFoam by EverSmile could change the way you approach your dental health while wearing aligners. Clear aligners can be hard to keep fresh. They can develop a bad smell and show visible signs of funk, making them not so invisible anymore. With WhiteFoam, you can change that. Your friends wearing clear aligners might even wonder how you keep yours so clean.

WhiteFoam is a hydrogen peroxide-based solution that makes cleaning aligners convenient. Apply the foam to the inside of your aligners and put them on your teeth. That’s it! WhiteFoam will clean your aligners while freshening your breath and whitening your teeth. That’s three incredible benefits in one. And if you need some extra cleaning power, put your aligners in a cup and soak them with WhiteFoam for five minutes or so. They’ll be fresh and clean when you’re ready to wear them again.

6. Avoid Using Toothpaste and Mouthwash to Clean Your Aligners

Toothpaste and mouthwash are common items in many people’s bathrooms. These products are great for cleaning teeth, but you should avoid them when it’s time to clean your clear aligners. Toothpaste contains tiny abrasive particles that will scratch thermoplastic. Your toothbrush bristles will make these scratches worse. This could change your clear aligners from being invisible to being cloudy and noticeable.

You should also avoid soaking your clear aligners in mouthwash. Mouthwash contains dyes and colorants that risk staining your aligners. This will change your Invisalign aligners from clear to purple, green or blue. That’s the exact opposite effect you’re looking for when you choose clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

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7. Remove Your Aligners Before Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking while wearing Invisalign would be an uncomfortable experience. Still, it’s good to remember to take your aligners out before engaging in either activity. Eating with your Invisalign is a bacterial buildup waiting to happen. It will lead to bad breath and food trapped in your aligners.

Drinking water while wearing aligners is fine. In fact, it can help rinse your aligners, leading to a cleaner mouth. But drinking coffee, tea, soda and other dark beverages will stain your aligners over time. To keep your aligners looking great, take them out during your morning coffee or your afternoon pick-me-up.

8. Rinse Regularly

An easy task to practice as a new Invisalign user is to rinse your aligners throughout the day. If you find yourself at a sink, it will only take a moment to pop out your trays and give them a quick rinse. This will remove any lingering particles that could contribute to bad breath, discoloration and funk. Get in the habit of rinsing your aligners any time you take them out during the day to keep them fresh.

9. Protect Your Aligners When Not in Use

We’ve mentioned a few instances where it’s a good idea to take your aligner trays out. After all, one of the reasons you chose Invisalign aligners is the convenience of removing them. But you’ll have to be careful during these situations. You’ll learn soon enough that it’s easy to misplace your trays once they leave your mouth.

Keeping your trays in a napkin when out of your mouth is a huge mistake. One wrong move or a single moment of forgetfulness could lead to them landing in the wastebasket. You then risk paying for replacement aligners and ruining your teeth-straightening progress. Keep a hard case on hand to hold your aligners when you take them out. This will protect them from sustaining damage and being accidentally thrown away.

10. Protect Your Mouth and Limit Invisalign Pain

Clear aligners from Invisalign could occasionally have sharp edges or rough areas of plastic. This may be uncommon, but it’s still distracting and even painful to experience. If you’ve already experienced this discomfort, you may be wondering how to make Invisalign more comfortable. Try applying a small amount of wax to the problem areas. This will protect the insides of your mouth for a while, but you may have to put more wax on throughout the day.

You may also experience tooth pain when wearing new trays. When you put new aligners in for the first time, try biting down several times to break them in. This will help your teeth adjust to the new trays. It can even reduce the pain from new aligner pressure by getting the blood flowing in your gums.

You could take this a step further by trying orthodontic chewies like OrthoChews from EverSmile. These chewies can reduce Invisalign pain by putting some pressure on your teeth and massaging sore gums. Over time, you’ll grow familiar with the pain and it will be more tolerable. Help yourself experience less discomfort with OrthoChews.

11. Use AlignerFresh for On-The-Go Cleaning

When you’re out running errands, attending class, going to work or hanging with friends, you may not have time to clean your aligners. This can lead to your aligners getting smelly and funky in the situations when you least want them to. You got Invisalign aligners to increase your confidence, and these moments can have the opposite effect.

AlignerFresh from EverSmile is the solution to this problem. EverSmile made this product to be portable and safe to take on the go, and it’s super easy to use. Take your aligner trays out, give them a spray and put them back in. AlignerFresh will get to work immediately, providing the same benefits as EverSmile’s WhiteFoam. Smelly, funky aligners will make their exit when you make AlignerFresh a part of your daily life.

12. Wear Your Retainer When You Finish Treatment

When you’ve completed your Invisalign aligner treatment, you’ll need retainers to keep your teeth in place. Otherwise, your teeth could shift back to their previous positions. Make sure you preserve the result of all your hard work, money and dedication by wearing your retainers as long as you can. You should wear them for the rest of your life.

Keep your final trays to act as backup retainers. If something happens to your retainers, you can use your final trays until you get replacements. Remember, after all your hard work, the last thing you want is for your teeth to shift back. Wear your retainers to keep your teeth looking great for years to come.

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